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pisces love tarot reading may alexandra tarot coming up on friday, january 31 from 2 to 6 pm this month, at saks fifth avenue. It stands.
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But, if you do have a question Pat Baccili: Okay, well, we hope you're gonna' come back! We hope you're gonna' come back and do, like, do an hour! Alexandra Chauran: So, if you do have a question, you can certainly ask it, but if you're just trying it out to show people what it's like, I can just, you know, pull out three cards and show an example. Pat Baccili: Well, I can see Benny is very busy picking up the phones, 'cause I can watch you, as many of our listeners can watch you on the web-cam.

Okay, so, if we have a question, like I had a question from one of my sales folks this week, who asked me the question How can I know that I'm doing the right thing to make things happen? And I thought, well, I'll save that for you! Alexandra Chauran: That's a wonderful question! I'll just draw three tarot cards. This is like a miniature spread, it's smaller than anyone would do in a professional reading normally. It just represents past, present and future.

And, when I do readings like this, often times people will come to me, especially those who are the newer practitioners into New Age and psychic arts and things like that. Since I've been in the business over ten years now, and I'm happy to say that I'm successful, I get a lot of folks who love to ask me about my business. And I'm really open to new practitioners, I mean. These days they're all just starting up out of their grassroots efforts and I encourage it. It's the best job in the world and there's more than enough clients to go around. So, when I drew the cards here I drew past, present and future, and two of them are the most powerful Major Arcana cards, these are the kinds of cards that you wouldn't see in a normal playing-card deck Alexandra Chauran: And they usually appear when there is a huge crossroads happening in a person's life, or a shift happening in the greater world at large.

In the past here is the Magician card inverted, and the Magician is all about getting the word out and establishing a presence and a communication. And of course, for those of us who are in this business and in businesses surrounding wellness and surrounding radio, it's really important to establish yourself and get the word out. Even if no-one's listening, that first follower is going to be the part that starts the crowd. So, that's where everything starts, is certainly with communication.

The second card in the reading, representing the present, is the tower card inverted. And that can sometimes be a scary card, because it represents instability. But, instability is always needed for growth. You know, you can't remain safe and secure and still grow to be something big and amazing. And so, the second bit of advice that the cards would have for a person like that is to really step outside your comfort zone.

Certainly, build a strong, stable foundation, but that's something that's going to take time and that you have to focus on in order to start growing faster. And the final card here is the Ace of Swords in the future, which represents a breakthrough. I think that the person who talked to you about that is wonderful to just bring it up.

I mean, just by bringing it up that person shows that they're ready to grow and they're ready to have a breakthrough. And so this card represents being open to those new doors and those zany schemes, even if they might seem like they're unlikely. And, taking that movement forward, not sitting on the fence, because that's going to bring a new sort of intellectual understanding of the business. Pat Baccili: That's good. I know I'm going to have to, like, take the editing on this and pull this clip out and send it to her.

Alexandra, before we continue and go to break, I wanted to let everybody know what you're planning to do on the Access Wellness web-site, because But, tell us about this exciting news. Alexandra Chauran: Sure, I've been working with a lot of publications for a couple years now with horoscopes , as you might read in the everyday magazines and newspapers. Sun sign horoscopes are those kind of horoscopes where you recognize the sign based on your birth-date, and you read something about your day or week or month. And, lately, I've been excited to begin writing horoscopes in a lot of other, new publications and even to be able to offer them on some web-sites locally.

I've just started writing extremely localized horoscopes that can work for those outside in the greater world, but they're best suited to those in the Pacific time zone because they have specific advice for times of days that are best to do certain things, and Galia has agreed to place them on the Access Wellness Center web-site for free for access to the public, and so I'm glad to be able to open myself up for more people. Pat Baccili: I love it! When we come back we're going to pick up the phone lines because this is hot! Pat Show. Pat Baccili: Welcome back everyone, welcome back to the Dr.

What a great, great opportunity! As always, Galia has done it again! She's bringing the best of the best and we are so thrilled! Access Wellness Center has contributed so much, and they are going to continue to do that. Alexandra has gotten all warmed up, she's ready to take your calls, and I want to make sure, before we do that, that you all know, if you want to find out more about Access Wellness Center, easy [ Alexandra, Benny it's all yours. Benny: All right, sounds like a plan there, Dr.

Pat, and we're gonna' bring on Janet to start things off. She's calling in from North Seattle, and she wants to find the right guidelines for a new house she's been looking at towards, for and around the area! So, Janet, welcome to the show! Alexandra Chauran: Hey Janet, this is Alexandra! So you're looking for a house, huh! Janet: Yes, I've been in this one 40 years and I'm a senior citizen now, and I'm getting signals that I shouldn't live in a house with so many steps. So, I'm looking for a house with a couple of steps up. And I'm an avid gardener, so factors influencing that count.

And, my needs and desires are simple. Just, should feel right. And, let's see, I had picked one out and then I did some weeding on that property, just as a courtesy to my deceased friend that used to garden it, and I found that her house had too far set-back from the street. I felt too lonely that far away from walkers. Alexandra Chauran: Great, I drew a card for you and I think that you should follow your instincts because that house isn't right for you.

The 6 of Swords represents that you're really going to need to go further than you expected. So, reach out a little bit, branch out a little. Talk to your Realtor about exploring areas that are not necessarily what you expected. But, keep your mind open, because I have a feeling that you're going to find an area that's a little distant from what you were expecting, but is going to be feeling just perfect, and you'll know it in your head when you see it, okay?

Alexandra Chauran: So, yeah, definitely thanks for letting me read for you. Just drew a quick card for you there, and good luck buying your house! I'm pretty sure you're going to get a good one this time that doesn't have so many steps! Benny: All right, let's keep doing it, let's go to Stephanie now. She's from Everett and she has a family member that seems to be looking for a miracle right now!

Let's see if we can help her out! Stephanie, welcome to the show. Alexandra Chauran: Oh, a healing! Sounds like a good thing for Access Wellness Center! You should have that person talk to the practitioners there. Alexandra Chauran: So, I drew a card for your family member there. The five of cups inverted. It's definitely been a long journey, and you know this person needs a lot of support because it's going to be a long journey continuing.

I think it's important that as much emotional sharing can happen as possible for this person, because it's deeper than just the physical healing that needs to go on. There's so much here that isn't being let out and shared in a constructive way, and I think that's going to really help the person along on their healing journey. So, help that person remain independent but still have as much support as possible and definitely check out Access Wellness Center. Pat Baccili: No, what I think is that I love that this caller wanted to talk about a healing miracle. Because, as we just talked about in the previous half-hour, you know, the bottom line is that all of us are waiting for that healing miracle.

And, so much of this, Galia and Alexandra just referred to is, we have to know that there are people out there that can provide solutions. And we've talked about it, Benny, all year long, and actually since we've been on air for 6 years. We've talked about people with brain tumors that everybody said was not going to be healed and now, standing today, Rich Henry is walking around, he has no cancer. I mean, so much of this is for all of us to inspire people to know that there might be solutions that perhaps they didn't know about.

And that's why we do what we do, that's what this show is about. So, Benny, let's keep going if we have another caller, would be great. Benny: Yeah, sounds good, and thank you to Stephanie for calling in, she was dialing in from Everett. Benny: So now we're going to take one more caller.

Yep, yep. And we have, let's see here, Susie, she's calling in from Seattle. She was just looking for a general reading, maybe we could get something more specific out of her. Alexandra Chauran: Ah, so you're looking for a general reading just to try it out and see what it's like? Susie: Exactly.

Just sort of, you know, where things are gonna' be going, I don't know what you can tell, generally-speaking. Alexandra Chauran: That sounds like, yeah, you know, the tarot cards, the bonus about them is that they're really a wonderful tool because they can also tell you where to focus in your life. Sometimes it's really funny because a person will come in and they'll really want a reading on their love life, you know, but they're so career focused that, no matter what they ask about their love life, stuff keeps coming up for their career.

And so, the cool thing about the tarot cards is that sometimes they can give you a direction about what you should be focusing on and what you should be thinking about in your life, so I'm glad that you left it open. And, that card is a really important card for family, and is shows that that should be your focus right now.

It's also one of these over-arching card, because it is Major Arcana card, so it can apply to other things. The Empress shows a lot of abundance and creativity, so you can apply that anywhere in your life. In your career you can just think outside the box and allow yourself more freedom if you can. And the Empress Susie: Well, it's interesting because I'm a stay-at-home-mom, and I have been for years and I'm thinking about not doing that, you know, in a few years when my kids are grown.

So, it's funny that you mention stay focused on the family. Alexandra Chauran: Yeah, you know, that's wonderful.

Asmr tarot cards

The Empress card really represents that woman today. I mean, when these tarot cards came out, we didn't have this sort of modern woman, where she's supposed to have it all with the career and the kids. Alexandra Chauran: But, nowadays, the Empress card really can represent that woman who is smart enough to kind-of transcend that overarching lifestyle and be able to find that happiness with what she has.

So, while you should still keep your focus on the family, this card really talks about creativity that's more than just creating kids. Alexandra Chauran: I think that you're going to find something from your creativity that's going to help you financially and also with some confidence.

Pat Baccili: Wow. This is really great! Galia and Alexandra, when you come back, we're going to actually I think we're planning a full hour But, let's give our listeners a little information, Alexandra, about you, and what you're going to be doing working at the Access Wellness Center. You know, there are many things that you shared about what you've come to be around in your life.

How does this fit for you? I mean, many people are asking, "how do I know if I'm psychic? How do I know if I can tell the future? How do I know anything? And then the question is going to be, what's the best way for them to connect with you if they want full readings? Alexandra Chauran: Sure, I'm lucky, I'm just so incredibly blessed because my entire life I was encouraged to pursue this path and encouraged to have this just as a part of my existence, so I didn't have a moment of discovery because this was part of how I was raised.

But, in our culture, intuition is sometimes looked down upon, even, instead of trusted as it might have been in the past or as it still is in other cultures. And so I'm finding that more and more people are discovering that, you know, they have those dreams at night that they wake up and they see it happening in their real lives or they know that they're meaningful.

Or, they have those moments when they think about a friend in trouble, and they call them up, and they're just in time to help them out. And I think that everyone should really work on that. In the past few years I've developed an apprenticeship program, and I've been working with people who are serious about bringing this, not only into their own lives, but helping others with their own career that way.

And, I'm so happy to be able to help people with apprenticeships or with readings about their own lives at Access Wellness Center. Clients can call in to make an appointment with me, my name is Alexandra Chauran, and the number is [ They can make an appointment with me at the beautiful environment of Access Wellness Center, and start healing from the inside out!

Pat Baccili: Excellent, thank you so much. Galia, thank you so much for joining us today. Galia, your personal message for folks. Galia Filipova: My personal message again, for everyone, not only for that person who was looking for that healing miracle, I would really like to say again, to everybody, that we're here and there are miracles happening to everyone out there and they may happen to you too, today. So, just be open, use every opportunity and possibility and keep the doors open for the miracle to find its way.

Keen Home. Blog Policies. Alexandra Chauran A day in the life of an accidental seer. Name: Doctor Alexandra Chauran. About Me: Ever since I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, I haven't needed a crystal ball. I could see visions in a toothbrush! I'm a spiritualist with a scientific bent navigating worlds seen and unseen. Care to join me? Subject: Email Answers. June 1. March 1. February 1. October 2. July 2. May 1. April 3. March 3. Say yes to parties and social engagements, then focus on exactly how you want them to play out. Do be careful what you wish for.

I am guessing you have a bit of cabin fever and may be tempted to focus on conjuring fun and adventure. I support that. All I ask is that you do it in a way that includes some measure of useful productivity. Itching to get out of town? Want to go nuts on the dance floor all night long? Stay hydrated and go easy on the booze so you get the physical benefits of moving that beautiful body without losing a day to a hangover.

You get the picture. Have fun, keep it productive. It helps to clear negative thinking, allowing creative solutions and paths to emerge where defeatist thinking once was. Well, Virgo, it looks like all that wandering last month really helped you to clarify some things. That big heart of yours has something to say and the absolute NEED to say it. You have a reputation for being … particular. And sometimes that can come with assumptions of rigidity or being harsh or judgmental, but I see right through all that. Your attention to detail allows you see the heart of a matter.

Your finely tuned vision sees the minutae others gloss over and you can be affected by what you see quite deeply. This is a gift. Now you are ready to talk about it. Begin at home, in conversation with yourself. Sit and ruminate, journal, make paintings about it. Once you have your messaging on point, you can begin to bring it out in layers, first to your inner circle and chosen family, then out to wider and wider circles depending on the nature of your message.

We all talk ourselves into a corner from time to time, either internally or right out in the open in front of everyone. That is a normal part of being human. This is where the 10 of Swords excels, cutting through these knots to clear the path back to the pure truth of the Ace. So where are your knots, Libra? I can feel you recoiling at the mere suggestion that some of your statements or positions may have caused chaos or confusion in any form. You have a deep desire for peace, and acknowledging having a part in disturbing it can be difficult. This month, focus on loosening your grip on the positions you take on issues great and small, on allowing some air in, letting the situation breathe a bit, relax out of an argument and into a rumination.

When you do, you may find that some of your more challenging entaglements fall into discreet, sorted pieces all on their own, restoring the balance you hold so dear. It gently eases anxiety and turns the attention of the heart and mind to expansion. Your brooding heart is craving some emotional balance this month, Scorpio, and the cards are here to provide. The fours are a real mixed bag for me. I get a little uneasy at the potential of a false sense of security that they can sometimes hint at.

But I am into this one, especially for you, my fellow Water sign. I admire your ability to face the deepest and darkest emotions head on, to dredge them up from the sea floor to see the light of day. Let the depths lie. Unless you have a tried and true way of celebrating with a partner, the pressure is just too much.

Spread the celebration throughout the whole month and find small ways daily to celebrate love, alone or in relationship. True emotional peace cannot be given to you by another, it must come solely from within. You have such an incredible capacity for love and devotion, Scorpio. Focus that attention on yourself and see how blissful the calm waters can be. It brings a happiness that can only come from a deep true love for and acceptance of oneself.

Oh wow, Sagittarius! Straight from the King to the Ace. Look at you, fully integrating that Air mastery and getting right back in line for a fresh helping of Divine truth. This month, you are the receiver, keeping your antennae tuned to the impulses of Divine communications emmanating from all corners of the world, all beings great and small. While this can sound overwhelming, you will have a knack for picking up exactly what you need to know exactly when you need to know it.

Stay alert, stay open, and practice discernment. The discernment piece can be tough. How do we stay open to messages potentially coming from literally anywhere and also discern which are truly Divine and which are a mere distraction? By maintaining high mental clarity. Drink plenty of water, meditate, get enough sleep, meditate, get some exercise, meditate. We live in a world that blasts us with messages all day every day, and they all claim to be The Truth.

Fortunately for you, Sagittarius, that should be easy to see. Well, Capricorn, you are getting a lot of heavy lifting done right at the top of the year. Know that this is normal, natural, and healthy. All of the Fives revolve around distorted perception creating chaos.

In the suit of Pentacles, this twists our pereption of our material world, bringing up fears around poverty and material inadequecy. Material adequacy is a mindset that can be cultivated and maintained to alleviate unnecessary stress in our lives. If I can open you up to the idea that fear of lack is not a useful strategy to alleviating financial distress, I will consider this a great success. Whatever your circumstances, moving through change and through release work will bring perceptions of lack in one or more of the Elemental spheres.

They can open up channels of insight that bring the clarity and strength needed to move forward. All eyes are on you as you call out your moves. Where are your ready to push out of your comfort zone and take a gamble? Embody adventure. Let yourself go a little bit wild and make your moves. Remember that. You are just planting seeds and seeing what takes.

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Put new things in motion and drift alongside without judgement. Enjoy the process and be curious. Some satellite of your own creation is making an impact. Gaining attention. This is a moment to broaden your reach and gain visibility. What are your goals and future visions? This moment has everyone taking notice of your future. Your strength resides within. Train your power. Hold yourself to the highest standard. Understand the uniqueness of what you have to offer.

This could happen at work or on some kind of public stage. Share your real spirit with the world and appreciate the recognition. There is much more to learn. For now, press pause on action and focus on learning. You might find that you take up a new philosophy that helps you feel motivated. Or that internalizing new information makes you more competent moving forward. Slow down so that you can speed up. Let anything extra crumble away. Would letting something go feel like a relief? Release the unnecessary at every opportunity. Just be there in your winter garden. Let it all hang out.

Be yourself, unapologetic and natural. Be playful and have fun. Harness whatever jubilant energy you can muster.

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Play, connect, talk, share, collaborate. Especially with a good friend or a special somebody. With this person, act like you both come from a litter of adorable baby animals. Closeness is good. We all have different instruments we use in our daily lives. Now is the moment to master them. Becoming excellent takes time. It takes practice. Use this opportunity to focus on the details and refine your technique in every life area. Get organized and efficient. Work hard, practice hard. Pay attention to your habits and health.

The results are soon to follow. Be as creative as you can be and let that creativity be fueled by play. Tension and ego will get you nowhere fast. You just need to focus on enjoyment and self-expression and see what happens next. Mild symbolizes nurturance and and security. Maybe you can make self-nurturance portable. What positive self-soothing habits do you bring with you every day?

If everyone had good self-soothing practices, the world would be a calmer place. Be kind to yourself. Till the soil. Ready yourself for new adventures. Let yourself be in the moment, but gather ideas about the next steps. You have resources to draw upon- whether those resources take the shape of food in the pantry, some practical common sense, or supportive friends.

This sturdy base is important because expansion is coming. The more you understand your stability, the easier it is to stretch and reach later on. Lace up your shoes and get ready to play a game. Grab your bowling ball and hurl it down the lane. How the game is played depends on your exuberance, focus, and finesse. Most importantly, we get ready to hit the refresh button. Eclipses help us end old patterns and start new ones. There are multiple themes coming to the surface at this important lunation. First of all, how are you approaching your work?

With Mars square Saturn exactly at this Full Moon, you need to go after what you want, but you need to do it in a structured way. This aspect can put the pressure on. Are you willing to release some tension and create a new pattern around how you work? Next, put yourself out there and play the game, while tenderly tending to your ego. You have something to share and you need to shine. This is a Full Moon in the theatrical and brilliant sign of Leo.

Leo urges you to share your unique soul with other people, through creativity and play. It can be scary to be exposed. This Full Moon urges you to push past resistance and fear so that you can get out there on the slickly polished floors of the bowling alley, ready to play.

New Moon Horoscopes For Today, Monday, February 4, For Zodiac Signs Per Astrology | YourTango

Do a little dance. Show off! This Eclipse might open the windows and doors for you. Create a new pattern. The sign of Leo reminds us to begin by being playful and see where we go from there. Finally, circumstances may seem precious or important right now, but can you set your ego aside and make it into a fun game where everyone gets to take a turn? The more that you are able to release a preoccupation with self, the more mental perspective you can achieve. Overall, this is a moment for spontaneous and creative action.

Have fun with it! Play a game. Let yourself have a fresh start every time. Allow space for your uniqueness, and use this Full Moon to celebrate and release! Full Moon square Uranus Electrifying dance moves. Shake it, shake it, shake it off. And your body is making all kinds of surprising new shapes, almost without your conscious permission.

Allow yourself to be surprised by your own choices. This Full Moon offers moments of action followed by lightening bolts of self-discovery. Did you even know you had it in you? Open to the fact that the plan can only take you so far. There is genius that arises in the moment. Full Moon trine Chiron A mud bath.

You are removing layers of residue. Sitting in the muck might be a way to feel clean. Healing is happening easily and spontaneously. And the next moment your skin glows with refreshment. Just like the mud bath, they are an unexpected way to peel back the layers. Aquarius Season is the perfect time for radicalizing our routine and reimagining reality. Start manifesting the magic with a beauty vision board, says Eunice Lucero. What we constantly pay attention to gets charged with energy, and we align with that energy, for better or worse.

Harnessing this energy for our beauty manifestation can be particularly potent—just watch as your visions materialize before your very eyes! Being of mixed heritage, I had a touch-and-go relationship with my looks as a child. As I began plastering all my notebooks in cutouts of Obsession and cK one ads, my outlook started to change. My face—my strange, strange features—now suddenly made sense! And eventually, I became a beauty editor, hired on the spot after a detailed email on how makeup should enhance your quirks and not mask them. Look for photos of women you identify with, and ask yourself why you admire them.

Alongside other forms of detox, visual clearing is key to manifestation. Light up your incense of choice, and still your mind as best you can.

For actual photos, thank them and keep them for posterity in storage. Get rid of any photos that are particularly painful, hurtful or traumatic, and dispose of them outside your home. Take a pen and paper, and begin writing as fast as you can about anything that pops into your mind about your beauty visions.

I started one of my free-fall sessions with an emo entry about how my eyeglasses kept people from seeing my true self hello, year-old angst! Quite a change in perspective, right? Speak in present tense, internalizing the feeling of already having or being what you desire. Same goes for vision-boarding. You can title them after certain events or occasions but even more powerful is to give them a state of mind. Can you weave yoga philosophy into the tarot - and vice versa? In this episode, author Sasha Graham joins me again to discuss how to bring tarot into your yoga practice - and how to find a yogic approach to tarot.

It's also a tool for spirituality and liberation. The Archetypes in tarot are universal - and no matter what your religious background may be, you can find a relationship to divinity with tarot as your guide. In this episode, Tatianna Tarot of My Urban Illumination joins me to talk about tarot and the spiritual path - and how to make a sacred connection to tarot. Tarot for Inner Work with Kate Fisher. Episode Tarot can be a marvelous tool for inner work. The Archetypes speak to the soul - and help us to find those hidden parts of ourselves we usually try to ignore.

We're chatting about inner work, intuition, shadow work, aligning with our higher purpose and so much more. Pull up a chair, turn up the volume and listen in - it's about to get deep in here. Tarot and Mediumship with George Koury. Episode Tarot and Mediumship with George Koury. Curious about mediumship? Wondering if Tarot can be a way to tap into the other side? Medium and Tarot Reader George Koury shares his tips for using tarot as a tool to connect with the dearly departed. Tarot isn't just for divination any longer.

She has worked with clients living with depression, eating disorders, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, trauma, and more, using tarot as a tool to help them find self-compassion and coping skills. In this episode of Tarot Bytes, Jessica shares her story on how she began using tarot in a therapeutic setting. You'll learn how tarot can be a helpful ally for healing work and how you may want to incorporate tarot into your clinical practice. There are a few round tarot decks on the market. But for those of us who are used to working with the standard rectangular shaped cards, the round ones may seem bewildering.

How do you shuffle them? What happens if they turn up sideways instead of up or down? Can you use them like a compass? In this episode of Tarot Bytes, Angela Mary shares how she works with round cards - and what every reader needs to know if they're thinking of giving them a whirl.

Connecting with the Divine with Tosha Silver. Episode Do you find yourself longing to connect to something greater than yourself? Wondering how to discover a deeper relationship to spirit? Many people who come to the tarot table are seeking something other than the standard "will I meet someone?

They want to feel aligned with their spiritual life. In this episode of Tarot Bytes, I am talking with Tosha Silver, author of The Wild Offering Oracle about what it means to link with the divine - and how to make that connection. We also discuss prayer, non-believers, tarot, and surrender as well as Tosha's new deck.

Tarot Birth Cards with Mary Greer. In this episode, Mary Greer teaches how to discover your birth card, as well as your name card, year card, and hidden challenges. Stage Cards with Sasha Graham. Episode Stage Cards with Sasha Graham. If you look closely at some of the cards in the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck, you'll see that some of the scenes on various tarot cards seem to have a stage backdrop.

What's that all about? In this fascinating discussion, Sasha talks about how artist's Pamela Colman Smith's theater background might have influenced these images. She also teaches how to interpret these cards. If all the world is truly a stage, then Smith certainly brought that element into the Rider Waite Smith Tarot! Tarot and Magick with Damien Echols. Episode Are you curious about magick? Wondering if there is a magickal component to tarot? Listen in and learn about what magick is, the Golden Dawn, and how to use tarot as a magickal tool. Damien also talks about the Guardian Angel of the tarot deck.

This is one of my favorite tarot conversations and one that I think you'll find to be quite interesting as well. Reading Tarot for Groups with Jenna Matlin. Episode Thinking about reading tarot for groups? Mary K Greer says it can be a "rite of passage" for tarot readers who want to go pro. But when you first start out? It can be scary. We cover everything from gaining experience and what you need to bring to dealing with unruly folks.

Jenna has been reading tarot for festivals and parties for some time so I knew she'd be the right person to talk about this. If you ever wanted to learn how to nail group readings, you'll appreciate Jenna's wisdom. Tarot and Prediction with Lisa Boswell. Episode Tarot and Prediction with Lisa Boswell. There are some tarot folks who are proclaiming prediction and fortune-telling are "out.

Lisa specializes in predictive tarot and has a lot to say on the subject. We chat about skeptics, accuracy, why some tarot readers shy away from prediction, plus how to improve your predictive skills. Prediction is alive and well - and thriving. Tarot and Kabbalah with Rachel Pollack. Episode Tarot and Kabbalah with Rachel Pollack. The Rider Waite Smith deck is steeped in mysticism. Did you know that the Kabbalah is part of the rich symbolism in this popular deck?

In this episode of Tarot Bytes, the legendary Rachel Pollack joins me to talk about the Kabbalah and its role in tarot. Bonus Episode: Each animal in tarot carries special symbolism. From the howling wolves to the posture of the horses in the Knights, these creatures are archetypes, every bit as essential to interpretation as the human figures. But what do they mean? What is the meaning behind the wolves or that lobster creature in the Moon? What's going on with the dogs in the Ten of Pentacles?

How might they be different than the little one in the Fool? And what's the deal with that snail in the Nine of Pentacles? I'm talking all about animal symbolism in the tarot with Lola and Tigre Pickett, creators of the upcoming Wild Messengers Alchemical Tarot, a magical deck featuring the wisdom and medicine of creatures both large and small. Episode Have you ever thought about producing your own tarot deck? If so, you probably have a ton of questions.

Benebell Wen, the author of the upcoming Spirit Keeper Tarot, has answers! Tarot Keywords with Angie Green. Episode Tarot Keywords with Angie Green. Tarot can be daunting for beginners. Keywords are a fantastic way to grasp the meanings. In this episode, Angie Green, author of The Simple Tarot, talks about how keywords help with interpretations and how to develop your own. How to ask a good tarot question. Episode How to ask a good tarot question. The answers you receive from tarot are only as good as the questions you ask. Learn which sort of questions are the least helpful and how to form good, solid ones that lead to clear answers.

Tarot for Trauma with Lindsay Mack. Episode Tarot for Trauma with Lindsay Mack. Hip Chick Tarot creator Maria Strom joins me today to chat about how to give empowering tarot readings. Jumpers with Paige Zaferiou. Episode Jumpers with Paige Zaferiou. Ever have a tarot card "jump" out of the deck while you're shuffling? Paige Zaferiou gives the inside scoop on what you need to know about jumpers. This is so genius! Missing Cards with Hilary Parry Haggerty. Ever do a reading and notice that a suit is missing? Or maybe you've got all Minors and no Majors? What's up with that? Hilary Parry explains the significance of missing cards.

The Elements with Melissa Cynova. Episode The Elements with Melissa Cynova. The elements - Fire, Earth, Air, and Water - are an essential part of tarot. Working with Oracle Cards with Meggan Watterson. Curious about how to work with Oracle cards? The Kings. Episode Kings. In this episode, we're exploring the last member of Tarot's royal Court cards: the Kings. Learn how to interpret these majestic guys! Episode Queens. The Queens are part of tarot's Court Cards. Learn what role they play in a reading.

Episode Knights. As we move through the Court Cards, we come to the action-oriented Knights. Learn what these guys are all about. Episode Pages. In this little lesson, we're covering the basics behind the Pages, the Court Card's youngest member. Court Cards with Ethony. Episode Court Cards with Ethony. Learning the Court Cards is one of the most frustrating parts of tarot.

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But you don't have to struggle! In this lesson, renowned tarot teacher Ethony joins me to sort the Courts. People often ask me: "do I really need to cleanse my tarot deck - and if so, how do I do that? Tarot Reversals with Leeza Robertson. Episode Tarot Reversals with Leeza Robertson. Have you always wanted to work with tarot reversals but weren't sure where to start? In this episode, Leeza Robertson, author of Tarot Reversals for Beginners, will guide you with some easy steps and fresh ideas.

Tarot Rituals with Gabriela Herstik. Episode Tarot Rituals with Gabriela Herstik. There is a certain element of ritual that goes into tarot reading. We're discussing shuffling with intention, cleansing the deck, grounding, and more! Reading Tarot for Yourself with Courtney Weber. You've probably heard folks complain that they can't read tarot for themselves.

Maybe you're one of those people who think that too. In this episode of Tarot Bytes, Courtney Weber, author of Tarot for One, shares tips and techniques for good self-reads. A tarot deck with unillustrated pips Minor Arcana such as the Marseilles can seem intimidating. But they don't need to be! In this episode, special guest Andrew McGregor of The Hermit's Lamp will share some tips for getting comfortable reading with unillustrated pip cards.

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Curious about intuition - and its role in tarot? Tarot expert and intuitive Arwen Lynch-Poe dishes on how to tap into your intuition and read tarot from your gut. Ten of Pentacles. Episode Ten of Pentacles. The Ten of Pentacles shows a family hanging out in a garden. This card is rich with symbolism - let's dig into those symbols and see what this card is all about. Nine of Pentacles. Episode Nine of Pentacles. The Nine of Pentacles shows a woman dripping in wealth.

But what's with the hooded falcon? What does the snail mean? Let's dive deep into this card in this short tarot lesson! Eight of Pentacles. Episode Eight of Pentacles. In this teeny episode, we'll take a peek at the symbols behind the hard working Eight of Pentacles. We'll see how the hammer and more can give ideas for interpretations. Seven of Pentacles. Episode Seven of Pentacles. When you look at the Seven of Pentacles, you may notice the man leaning on his garden tool. Is he taking a break - or getting ready to work?

Let's examine the symbols and possible interpretations in this short tarot lesson. Six of Pentacles. Episode Six of Pentacles. Like the Five of Pentacles, the Six of Pentacles also has images of beggars. But here, they are receiving aid. Let's look deeper into the symbolism and possible interpretations in this quick lesson.